Conveniently situated in the very heart of Prague, The Nicholas Hotel Residence is surrounded by the best restaurants and bars, whether you are in for Czech or international offer.

Lehka Hlava

Just a short walk away, Lehka Hlava is a unique vegan restaurant full of surprises! Their offer includes some of the most imaginative dishes, including, but not limited to humus, tofu or quesadilla!
Address: Borsov 2 Working hours: Mo-Fri 11:30-23:30 Weekend 12:00-23:30

Kolkovna Olympia

Visit Kolkovna Olympia for the best in authentic Czech dining and try Czech classic, Pilsner Urquell beer.
Address: Vítězná 7 Working hours: Mon-Sun: 11-24

Cafe Louvre

Founded in 1902, Cafe Louvre is a traditional cafe & restaurant with great food and delicious desserts, favored by Kafka and Einstein.
Address: Národní 22 Working hours: Mon-Fri: 8-23.30 Sat-Sun: 9-23.30

Hergetova Cihelna

Situated on the bank of Vtava river and offering a spectacular view on the Charles Bridge, Cihelna offers a wide and tasty selection of Czech and international food
Address: Cihelná 2b Working hours: Mon-Sun: 11:30-01

Baračnicka rychta

Relaxed and atmospheric, Baračnicka rychta is a place to go for traditional Czech food and great cultural events. Its fairly large size makes it suitable for groups as well.
Adress: Tržiště 23 Working hours: Mon-Sat: 11-23 Sun: 11-21

Cafe Savoy

A place with its own bakery, known for interesting gourmet menus. Evoking the atmosphere of cafes from the start of 20th century, Cafe Savoy fascinates in particular with its Neo-renaissance ceiling from 1893.
Address: Vítězná 5 Working hours: Mon-Fri: 8-22.30 Sat-Sun: 9-22.30

Blue Light Bar

A legendary place with a ‘real bar feeling’, a favorite destination of numerous Prague’s artists, and an inspiration of a popular photography exhibition in 2011.
Address: Josefská 42 Working hours: Mon-Sat: 19-03 Sun: closed

A Maze in Tchaiovna

A cozy tea room, but also a place where one can get a specialist IPA, enjoy live music, or a round of board games.
Address: Muchova 4 Working hours: Mon-Sun: 11-00

Hemingway Bar

Named after the famous writer, Hemingway Bar is unmatched for its cocktails, in particular those including absinthe, rum and champagne – Hemingway’s favorite drinks.
Address: Karolíny Světlé 26 Working hours: Mon-Thur: 17-01 Fri: 17-02 Sat: 19-02 Sun: 19-01