New Year's Eve in Prague

Prague is a perfect city to spend New Year's Eve. Whether you prefer a calm, intimate atmosphere, or something with a bit more bang to it, our great city will not disappoint.

We looked into what is happening on the night when we say farewell to the old year, and we bring a selection of the most interesting places to spend the last hours of 2015.

Prague Boats New Year’s Eve Cruise

Prague Boats will entertain you with a variety of relaxed cruises on Vltava river. You can choose between Jazz, Live Music or DJ boat cruises, lasting from 2 to 4 hours, and including a rich selection of food and drinks. The offer is appealing indeed, especially when coupled with an elite location to see the New Year's Eve fireworks - the Vltava river itself.

New Year's Eve at Duplex

If you are in the mood for something more lively, we recommend visiting Duplex. A truly nice restaurant and club, Duplex is preparing an interesting night with DJs, dancers and acrobatic shows. A buffet dinner is also organized prior to the party, and we suggest you book ahead to secure your place. New Year's Eve with Prague Swingmasters at Nudny otec Club  Are you in the mood for something more gracious? Join Prague Swingmasters on the dance floor at Nudny otec Club and swing your way into 2016. You will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, and a nice selection of Czech traditional food in addition to the whole night of dancing.

Highly recommended

Few more suggestions: public transport might be limited or overcrowded, so we recommend using taxis with big AAA sign on them. They are reliable and relatively cheap. Furthermore, Prague can get a bit chilly this time of year. We advise you dress warm, and prepare for a long night. The Nicholas Hotel Residence staff wish you a happy New Year! Get to know more about Christmas time in Prague…