The Magic of Prague

Prague is known by many names - the Mother of Cities, the City of a Hundred Spires, or Golden Prague. The magic alluded in the names is further strengthened by the its Gothic towers, medieval cobblestones and Franza Kafka's novels. The city's roots stretch far back into time, to find it a capital of alchemy, astronomy and architecture. Thus, a special, undefinable feeling is created, one that never fails to grab a visitor.

oday, Prague is as vibrant as ever, with efficient public transit and hearty pubs and restaurants on every corner. Above all, Prague is a centre of good living. The city is alive with music, art, theatre and other forms of culture, both home-grown and imported by the many who have felt the pull to make their homes here.

Prague is truly like a good mother, protective, but also encouraging to discover secrets for yourself. And there are certainly many secrets hidden in this golden city..

Prague Attractions

Prague Castle from Charles Bridge. Photo by Michal Barbuscak

From Prague Castle to Charles Bridge, the attractions of the 'city of hundred spires' will grab you from the first moment...

Prague Museums

The Main Building of The National Museum. Photo by Richard Hodonicky

Prague is a city of history and art, so it should come as no surprise that it is packed full of museums. Here are just a few…

Prague Restaurants & Bars

Prague is a city with exquisite gastronomic offer, both Czech and international, and a home to innumerable cafes and cozy bars...

What to do in Prague

Prague is chock-full of possibilities and experiences. It is a city that will reward you no matter what you are looking for...